Bath Therapy. Herbal Rat Race Remedies
For Everyday Life.

Need a cuddle? Whether you feel cold, frustrated or stressed - a hot bath usually works wonders. That "bath therapy" is in fact good for you in any season is confirmed by modern science: muscles relax as if by magic, the breathing becomes easier and people suffering from stress at last relax. Our exclusive spa-in-the-bathroom series sets with its 7 different aromas fresh accents against the normal hustle and bustle. Along with our Spa Bath classics Mountain Pine and Lavender, you have the choice between Lime-Balm, Orange-Balm, Camomile or Wild Rose - and thus the perfect therapeutic for every mood.

Wellness Bath Dwarf pine

500 ml bottle

Wellness Bath Lavender

500 ml bottle

Wellness Bath Wild Rose

500 ml bottle