Waldmoos - Premium BodyContouring Program.
Rich In Vitamins, Enzymes and Valuable Minerals.

Much of what we once knew has been lost. Fortunately not everything. Waldmoos stands for natural skin care at its best combining tradtional knowledge and cutting edge technology in an innovative way. The superior body contouring program owes its catchy name to its basic herbal active ingredient: Icelandic moss is a species of Northern European lichen that is rich in vitamins, enzymes and valuable minerals and has been used in natural medicine for centuries. Delicately soft textures and the fresh Icelandic moss scent of all 5 body contouring products guarantee a sensual and unique nurturing experience.

  • High efficacy confirmed in scientificWaldmoos tests
  • 96 percent of the test subjects showed a highly refined skin texture
  • 70 percent confirm a firming effect and improved skin feel

Waldmoos Body Contouring Lotion

250 ml bottle

Waldmoos Body Mask

200 ml tube

Waldmoos Body Scrub

200 ml tube

Waldmoos Body Tonic

250 ml bottle

Waldmoos Wellness Bath

400 ml bottle