Why should your skin age earlier than you? The Herbacin Face Care range was developed specifically for today´s woman - multi-faceted with different lifestyles but one thing in common - looking for skin care products that will help prevent premature skin aging. Unlike men, women produce estrogens in their skin, which help keep it plumped and supple. The skin-aging process begins in our mid-twenties, and in women, is accelerated with decreasing estrogen levels, most notably during menopause. The effect is that skin retains less and less moisture, making it dryer and less smooth. It loses its elasticity and wrinkles become deeper and more visible. Our luxurious Herbacin Face Care series was designed to naturally and gently counteract the effects of skin aging. Beautiful skin begins with the best ingredients and a commitment to a daily regime, and it´s never too early to begin.

Face Care Anti-Age Serum

50 ml bottle

Face Care Cleansing Milk

200 ml bottle

Face Care Day Cream

50 ml tin

Face Care Eye Cream

30 ml bottle

Face Care Night Cream

50 ml tin

Face Care Regenerating Cream Mask

75 ml tube

Face Care 2-phase Make up Remover

200 ml bottle