Herbal Shower Gels - Express-Hydration For Skin & Hair
With Natural Anti-Stress Factor.

Herbacin ® Herbal Shower Gels for sensitive skin and damaged hair cleanse completely stress-free - even when just having a quick wash. While non-alkaline surfactants and plant based moisturizing substances stabilize the acid mantle of the skin, a mild-care complex of precious herbal extracts and cold pressed peanut oil simultaneously strengthens its natural defenses. Another double effect after showering: not only will your skin feel wonderfully smooth and relaxed, but also your hair will be given valuable protection. Moreover, a special conditioner substance from guar beans makes it ultra-supple and easy to style.

Herbal Shower Gel Camomile + Green Tea

200 ml tube

Herbal Shower Gel Dragon fruit + Passion fruit

200 ml tube

Herbal Shower Gel Lemongrass + Ginger

200 ml tube