Aloe Vera is the most commonly used active ingredient in skin care products and remedies. It can be used for the most versatile inner and outer applications.
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Energizers for Tired Feet & Legs.

Your feet carry you through your entire life. Reason enough to keep them fit with an exclusive wellness program. In fact, dry skin attracts thick cornea and bruises like a magnet. Our Tip: Don't forget to pamper your feet as a grand finale of your daily grooming routine.

Even extremely dry, calloused foot skin can easily become soft and tender again. This is particularly true if you pamper your feet regularly with a rich treatment such as our Herbacin Foot Care Series and its highly concentrated active ingredients. For as the skin of our hands needs its own special treatment, so does the skin of our Feet.

Even feet need every day a little TLC.

Foot creams with cinnamon are, for example, very efficient with blood circulation problems. However, why don't you just rely on our fitness booster No.1: Herbacin Foot Care Power Cream proves itself particularly successful as the perfect night recreation. Our tried & tested feet-pampering tip: Apply plenty of Foot Care Power Cream on your dry foot skin, pull over two socks, and let the cream work over night. Already next morning you will discover: Your feet feel simply divine. And as an alternative for in between? try this: Apply Foot Care Power Cream generously on your feet, pull two plastic bags over and keep your feet for 10 minutes in hot water. The result: Your foot skin feels soft, supple and as good as new.

Some like it hot, some cold.

In order to warm up your feet properly, you sometimes need to turn the heat up a little. But to be perfectly frank with you: Herbacin FootCare Heat Balm often works better than many a bed fellow. Another soothing home remedy is our FootCare Cooling Gel. As the name already suggests, it draws the heat out of hot feet and tired, heavy Legs and makes them feel good again. Our tip: Spread the gel bountiful on your legs and feet, pull socks or stockings over, let the effect work for a while, and the heat will be gone in a flash. Just heaven!

Cornea? Try a peeling.

Before you apply our Herbacin FootCare Power Cream we would suggest that you first give your feet a good clean with our FootCare Cleansing Gel. And what do you think of a scrub every now and then? Our Foot Care Soft Peeling ideally applied in the shower - makes for a particularly gentle deep cleansing and smoothes rough, calloused skin without any fuss.

Lets your legs stay fit longer.

Our Herbacin FootCare Leg Lotion is a real treat for stressed, tired, and heavy legs. With its naturally gentle care substances our leg lotion not only stimulates the blood circulation in your legs; it also promotes elasticity and slows the aging process of your skin.

Tips from our Herbal Pharmacy:

  • Lavender oil helps with dry skin and acts - like sage against increased perspiration of the feet.
  • Rosemary invigorates tired and aching feet.
  • A handful of salt in the water often helps with swollen feet.
  • Sea salt or aspirin with a little water softens hard calluses.
  • A natural scrub made from the juice of a lemon or orange removes dead skin cells and makes the skin soft and tender again.
  • Lemon grass, mint or thyme have a pleasantly refreshing effect on the skin.

Curious? Why not have a crack at our Herbacin FootCare Starter Kit in the attractive wash bag? See and feel for yourself what difference good foot and leg care products can make.