Aloe Vera is the most commonly used active ingredient in skin care products and remedies. It can be used for the most versatile inner and outer applications.
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Damaged hair? Herbacin helps!

Dyed or toned hair - often brittle and dry - needs special care in order to have a big comeback with a healthy, new glow. Colorations strain the hair and environmental influences such as heat, blow drying, dry air or too much sun do not help either. Rich conditioners, hair masks and freshen-up gloss creams are in such cases the best regeneration treatments: Apart from our stimulating natural Herbacin ® products, that is.

What many do not know is that it is best not to blow-dry colored hair, but leave it to air dry. The reason why: After dyeing your hair is extremely sensitive. Rather than rub, the wetness should instead be pressed out gently. If blow drying is essential for your styling, we highly recommend to set the temperature on low and not to keep the hair dryer too close to your head. Hair-straighteners or curling tongs strain dyed hair additionally and should not be used too often. Chlorine or salt water and sun are just as harmful to your hair and dry it out quickly.

Our Resuscitation-Tip:

Our particularly mild Herbacin ® products Herbal Shampoo Care or Herbal Shampoo Hops & Henna offer instant relief on those “bad hair days”. Both were specifically designed for damaged hair. Perfectly complemented by Herbacin ® Herbal Conditioner with pro-vitamin B5 and Herbacin ® Conditioner Hops & Lime Blossom they also turn out to be the ideal cure immediately after the coloration.

Common Causes of Damaged Hair:

  • Aggressive hair dyes or tints
  • Hot blow-drying
  • Dry air
  • Too much sun
  • Chlorinated or salt water