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Brittle, dry and cracked nails? No way!

Finger and toe nails reveal a lot about people and need regular care. But beware: Clippers or scissors are taboo because the nail can break off when cutting and injure the top nail layer. Healthy diet, a good nail file and the right natural care products are still the best nail treatment.

The simplest solution would be, of course, to directly rely upon our proven wuta ® kamille Soft, Herbacin ® Lavender and Herbacin ® Wild Rose hand creams or - as a comprehensive SOS cure - our wuta ® kamille Hand & Nail Balm. For your feet we recommend Herbacin ® FootCare Cream as the perfect solution. The good thing about Herbacin is that all our care formulations combine the knowledge of old home remedies with modern natural cosmetics in an optimal way. However, in the event that you should run out of our products, here are a few handy care tips from our herbal pharmacy that may help you out of trouble.

Tried & Tested Home Remedies:

Treat your hands from time to time with nail or olive oil. Brush oil onto your cuticles, then simply massage it in and push the delicate skin carefully backwards. Important: You should never cut off cuticles or brush cuticle remover onto your nail beds. We also recommend you refrain from using nail hardener. It only dries your nails out and makes them brittle over time. With yellow fingernails - for example by smoking – it often already helps to grab into a lemon. The convenient side effect: It also strengthens your nails. If you want to pamper your hands and fingernails even more: a “royal” hand treatment is just the thing.

Beauticians often rely on wuta ® kamille Hand & Nail Balm: Massage this or olive oil generously into your skin and nails, then slip into a cotton glove and allow your treat to soak in overnight. The result: a true fountain of youth for hands, cuticles and nails. Our tip: Do the same for your feet: Apply either Herbacin ® FootCare Cream or olive oil onto your feet, pull socks over and let it work. Simply gorgeous!

Troubleshooting Made Easy:

Nicotine, alcohol and a high stress level favor breaking and brittle nails and also make them look dull and unhealthy If you manage to reduce these negative lifestyle factors or even entirely avoid them, you will find within a few weeks that your nails look healthier and grow stronger. However, iron deficiency can make the various nail layers become brittle as well: This is especially true of women before their menopause.

Basically, the following should be noted if you wish to keep your hands, cuticles, feet and fingernails well-groomed:

1. Ensure a good diet that and is rich in vitamin and minerals: Biotin (vitamin H) makes your nails stronger and is contained in egg yolk, oatmeal and rice. Also, siliceous earth or milk products (calcium), vitamin A, magnesium and vitamin B keep your nails fit and healthy.

2. Use for example wuta @ kamille Hand Cream Soft, Herbacin ® Lavender or Herbacin ® Wild Rose hand cream on a fter each hand wash. For your feet we recommend Herbacin ® FootCare Cream.

3. Massage wuta ® kamille Hand & Nail Balm or olive oil once a day onto your nail bed.

4. Try not to clip or cut your foot and finger nails. Rather use regularly a good nail file so you won't break the nail layers. Then file your nails into a smooth and clean shape.