Aloe Vera is the most commonly used active ingredient in skin care products and remedies. It can be used for the most versatile inner and outer applications.
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Oily hair? Herbacin helps!

Oily hair quickly looks unkempt and is generally considered as a blemish. Herbacin’s special shampoos help you to bring your scalp back into its natural balance.

Although hair needs fatty acids to stay healthy and supple, an excessive sebum production makes it unnecessarily limp, dull and greasy. The result: Your hair looks stringy and gross. Not any longer: Modern natural cosmetics from Herbacin® provide remedy: Our specially developed care products for oily hair not only regulate the sebaceous function, they simultaneously also soothe the scalp in a particularly natural and gentle way.

Since hot water irritates your scalp and makes the hair dull, we recommend that you wash your hair only with lukewarm water and for example Herbacin ® Herbal Shampoo Balance or our Herbal Shampoo Birch & Watercress. Why? For a start, both of them were specifically developed for oily hair. Secondly, our natural shampoos waive consciously moisturizing components, but provide instead for a particularly high proportion of active detergent substances in order to dissolve and remove excess fat very gently. And if that is not enough, their natural ingredients such as mint, rosemary, chamomile and fruit acids also reduce the new formation of fat, make your hair glow and pleasantly soothe your scalp. The perfect look & feel good guarantee.

Our “Drainage”-Tip:

Once the acute oiliness stops, you can safely switch to hair care products for normal hair. However, it is best to use only naturally mild products e.g. Herbacin ® Herbal Shampoo Volume in order not to unnecessarily irritate the sebaceous glands. Since oily hair is also in less need of care as dry hair, you can usually also waive special hair cures.

Common Causes of Oily Hair:

  • High humidity
  • Persistent stress
  • Predisposition for oily scalp
  • Fine hair that tends to oiliness
  • Hormone-related overactive sebaceous glands
  • Detoxification disorder of the body
  • Wrong hair care products