Aloe Vera is the most commonly used active ingredient in skin care products and remedies. It can be used for the most versatile inner and outer applications.
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How Man Makes The Best Of His Looks.

Even men need skin care. And not only after shaving. Granted, it has more elasticity, it is overall thicker than women's skin and less prone to wrinkles. However, aging of the skin also leaves its mark on men. Regular shaves, stress and environmental influences strain your skin and leave it at some point looking saggy and tired. Whether you are 30, 40, 50 or 65, you better get started, if you want to look young longer.

A very good reason for men to buy only moisturizers with high water content: Women products - mostly too rich for men's skin - have a high amount of fat. This promotes acne and pimples which is already more of an issue in men than in women.

What “real guys” happily tend to ignore, is to pay particular attention to adequate sun protection. Many men underestimate how much UV radiation promotes skin aging. We therefore recommend that you avoid exposure to sun beds and intensive sunbathing: Either waive them completely - or change to gradual self tanners. And if you cannot do without the sun, always make sure you protect your skin with adequate UV blockers. But do not worry too much: Nowadays UV filters are often an integral part of many good skin creams.

Particularly care products with anti-oxidants such as vitamin C for cell protection and active moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid are perfectly suited for male skin. Why? They make your skin stay longer plump, wrinkle-free and elastic. Another plus point of the enlightened 21 Century: You will get excellent men's cosmetics now almost everywhere. Not only for all skin types, but also for each age group. So no more excuses for tired, poor or scruffy skin.

Our Tip - Cleansing & Care:

You want to preserve your smooth, clear and attractive skin for as long as possible? Then clean your face every night simply with clear, lukewarm water and our extra mild Herbacin® med Cleansing Foam . Some shower gels as our allrounder wuta®kamille Shower Gel or HighCare Shower Gel are in drop dose also suitable for cleansing your face. In general, however, you should rather dispense with body gels in this sensitive area. After washing gently dry the skin, then, apply our Herbacin®med Moisturizing Cream - and you’ve done your bit. In the morning we recommend to rinse your face after shaving with the cold water. It refreshes and simultaneously ensures a healthy complexion.

Our Tip Peeling & Prevention:

Some men tend to have a slightly impure and problematic skin. No problem: In these cases we recommend a weekly application of our Herbacin®med Soft Peeling. It eliminates any cornifications not only very gently, it also helps to get rid of pimples and ensures that they do not return back. Those of you who value a radiant appearance, should indulge their skin after cleansing & peeling occasionally with a revitalizing face mask. The effect?: Try, and you will feel and see.

Our Tip Pre & After Shave:

Even nowadays daily shaving is for many men a vital part of their morning routine. For some, it is even a kind of sacred ritual. Here are some tips: Before shaving you best start with a hot shower or a hot towel. This opens the pores and makes the beard hairs softer. Under no circumstances should the face be washed with cold water before shaving. That only closes the pores. After these preparations, pre-shave products such as Herbacin MenCare Shaving Cream are highly advisable. A fantastic all-rounder that helps to protect your skin, to reduce imperfections and to make the beard hairs smoother for shaving in order to prevent risks such as razor burn or cuts. The regular use of peelings and moisturizers (see above) provides even more optimal shave conditions.

Our Tip against Chapped Lips:

Hardly anyone finds rough or sore lips attractive. Not even men themselves. Good thing that you can do something about it with Herbacin Lip Balm: Our natural and unfussy lip treatment gives you sufficient moisture without adding fat. The use of ultra-rich lip creams or grease sticks, however, is rather counter-productive in the long run.

Our Tip for Your Eye Area:

Laugh lines are sexy. Dark rings, wrinkles and crows nests rather not. So better not neglect the eyes area in your daily grooming routine. Our tip: Special anti-irritation and fragrance-free eye creams intensively firm and smoothen mimic wrinkles around the eyes. And if you are suffering from dry eyes - such as when working at the computer - it often helps to drink plenty of bottled water and to move the eyelids every now and then, and even to yawn heartily sometimes. It is equally important to regularly ventilate the room you are working in. If all that were not enough, you can find special drops for dry eyes in any good pharmacy.

Our Tip for Hands & Nails:

Hard-working men hands need a good hand cream after each hand wash. For the normal office madness we recommend our moisturizing wuta®kamille Soft Hand Cream to keep your hands, nail beds and nails in good shape. However, chapped hands need a richer treatment such as our classic wuta®kamille Hand Cream with glycerin, which protects you perfectly against the elements and minor injuries. To remove solid dirt or paint residues try our secret weapon: wuta®kamille Hand Cleaner. It works as efficiently as turpentine, but doesn’t damage your skin. Another tip: The application of our Herbacin®med Soft Peeling every now and then frees your hands from calluses and cornifications, and gives them a pleasant soft touch.

Our Tip for Your Hair Care:

Every man is different, so is their hair. Whether you have strong, normal, dry, “dandruffy” or very fine hair: Herbacin has the right care product for all hair and scalp types at hand. Give it a go and find out which of our hair products is the best suited for you.

Our Tip for your Body Care:

Depending on your skin type and your taste, Herbacin offers you a wide range of naturally mild shower gels, lotions and bath essences. Most popular with men are our exotic herbal and anti-irritation wuta®kamille or HighCare Shower Gels. But as you will discover : We have much more on offer. Happy browsing!

Our Tip for Your Foot Care:

In order to make playing footsie real fun, your feet better always be warm, soft and clean. So why not finish your daily grooming routine with a special pampering of your feet? The positive side effect: Well-groomed feet also offer better protection against athlete’s foot. Our rich Herbacin FootCare Series gives you all the energizers you need for this: From FootCare Foot Peeling against cornifications and calluses to our moisturizing FootCare Cream through to FootCare Heat Balm. A real treat. Every day.