Aloe Vera is the most commonly used active ingredient in skin care products and remedies. It can be used for the most versatile inner and outer applications.
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Lift The Secret Of A Fresh Complexion.

Faces can be easily forgotten. But a flourishing Snow White and Rose Red-skin, that is something to remember. Not only with women, but also with men. Firstly because such a skin seems to reflect good health and youthful vigor. Secondly, because it is so outrageously attractive. But no need for envy: With a healthy lifestyle and proper facial care everyone can outwit and delay the signs of the times. No matter how old you are.

Our Tip for Facial Cleansing:

After getting up pure water is absolutely sufficient to maintain a beautiful complexion. This is especially true for sensitive skin. The water, however, should neither be too cold nor too hot. Contrary to sales messages, a repeated daily application of cleansing products is not necessarily required. On the contrary, such a strict regime dries your skin only out, and can even lead to inflammatory redness. This also applies to regular soap: You better avoid its use in the facial area, if you don’t want to damage the protective acid mantle of your skin.

For cleansing dry skin we recommend a pH-neutral wash lotion specifically for the face. But our super-allrounder wutaŽkamille Shower Gel or Herbacin HighCare Shower Gel are equally suitable for dry, sensitive and problematic skin. Our natural talents can even do both: cleanse and nourish in one. Even a tiny drop suffices.

For combination or oily facial skin goes: Make-up residues cannot be removed with water alone. Deep pore cleanliness can be achieved, however, with our gentle "cleaners" from nature: Herbacin Žmed Cleansing Foam and HerbacinŽmed Cleansing Cream.

Our Tip for Facial Care:

A skin scrub twice a week with HerbacinŽmed Soft Peeling - after cleansing with HerbacinŽmed Cleansing Foam or HerbacinŽmed Cleansing Cream - removes all dust, dirt and dead skin particles. The care effect: Our Soft Peeling stimulates the blood circulation and metabolism of the skin whereby important care substances can be significantly better absorbed. Another big plus: Your skin looks subsequently not only smoother, healthier and younger, it also feels like that. As the perfect final touch we recommend a complementary care, whether by means of a mask or a nourishing face cream such as Herbacin Žmed Moisturizer to provide long lasting hydration and protection throughout the day.

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