Aloe Vera is the most commonly used active ingredient in skin care products and remedies. It can be used for the most versatile inner and outer applications.
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Neck And Lower Neckline: Eye Catcher Or War Zone?

Neck and lower neckline betray the signs of the times. Unfortunately, the skin is very thin and delicate in these exposed regions. Moreover, it gets stretched and compressed at any movement of the head. In the long term this leads to permanent wrinkles. And since our neck has hardly any sweat and sebaceous glands or offers enough subcutaneous fat padding against wrinkles, we better start paying extra attention to what our skin needs early on, if we want to look young longer.

Our Anti-Wrinkle-Tip:

A mild scrub to gently remove excess dead skin cells and to smooth and refine your skin texture is advisable once a week as well. We recommend the use of fine-grained or enzyme based exfoliants such as Herbacin®med Soft Peeling. Its natural ingredients were specifically selected and composed for the delicate skin areas face, neck and décolleté.

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