Aloe Vera is the most commonly used active ingredient in skin care products and remedies. It can be used for the most versatile inner and outer applications.
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Groomed Hands Make A Great First Impression.

Without a doubt, hands are those parts of our body, which are assessed first by our fellow human beings. And this applies to men and to women. As our hands, however, are constantly exposed to the elements and other everyday stress, they require intensive daily care, to always present themselves in the best light.

Due to frequent hand washing, wind, dry air, heat, cold, UV light and the use of chemical cleaning agents our hands are subjected to extreme stress every day. To prevent premature skin aging, it is therefore advisable to moisturize your hands after every hand wash with a good skin care product on a regular basis - and thus to protect them once again.

Our Recovery-Tip:

Herbacin wuta®kamille Hand Cream with Glycerin: Our worldwide classic contains rich nourishing fat, little water and leaves a silky moisture-preserving protective film on the skin. As a perfect complement to this intensive care try our SOS allrounder wuta®kamille Hand & Nail Balm. But there are even more options to rejuvenate and spoil stressed skin: wuta®kamille Soft, Lavender or Wild Rose hand creams also provide dry chapped hands with long-lasting moisture and make them soft and smooth again in a flash.

The application of Herbacin®med Soft Peeling twice a week makes your hands look even better: Our super-soft natural talent for all exposed skin areas not only dissolves dead skin particles from the cell surface. It also promotes blood circulation and makes your skin more receptive to the subsequent care with a Herbacin hand cream of your choice.

Why not go for our Facial & Hand Care Starter Set, Herbacin®Spa Kit Wild Rose or Herbacin ®Lavender Spa Kit? Be it as sheer self indulgence or as a creative gift.