Liquid gold for all types of skin


Herbacin presents its skin-firming body lotion from Herbacin wuta kamille

Wutha-Farnroda, 29 April - Argan oil is trendy these days. The liquid gold from Morocco, with its refined nutty taste, is considered to be an insider´s tip and is recognized in folk medicine as being a natural aphrodisiac. The cosmetics industry has also discovered the valuable oil of the argan tree which grows exclusively in southern Morocco because, through its high-quality ingredients, it puts an end to damaged, sensitive as well as unclean skin and prevents the drying out and aging of the skin through its moisturizing effect. Many people swear by the smoothing effect of the most expensive oil in the world: Thus, most Moroccan women and men have healthy and smooth skin worth envying even when they are quite old.

As one of the pioneers, Herbacin cosmetic GmbH has already used argan oil, the anti-aging natural product, for approximately ten years: Furthermore, Herbacin wuta kamille skin-smoothing body lotion was one of the first of its kind in Germany. ”The pure oil of the argan nut protects the natural skin structure because it is rich in tocopherols, phytosterols, and unsaturated fatty acids”, says Herbacin skin expert Volker Mähler, who is continuously developing the skin care formula.

Valuable ingredients from nature

Traditionally, the German company has emphasized natural ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile and the skin-activating vitamins A and E. In combination with argan oil, the extracts in the Herbacin wuta kamille lotion ensure a noticeably more beautiful, relaxed feeling on one´s skin. Chamomile and aloe vera reduce inflammation. Furthermore, vitamins A and E promote the regeneration of stressed and aged skin. Owing to its mild formulation, the skin-firming body lotion is magnificently suited for all skin types. Incidentally: The oil of the argan tree also helps the hair and is particularly well-suited in caring for brittle, dry hair.

The Herbacin wuta kamille skin-firming body lotion is offered in a 400-ml bottle (13.5 oz) and in a 250-ml (8.45 oz) bottle. Whoever would like to try out the lotion or take it along on trips can receive the product in the practical 20-ml (0.67 oz) tube in the Herbacin Introductory Set: Together with the Herbacin wuta kamille hand cream, Herbacin wuta kamille skin care cream, Herbacin wuta kamille hand & nail balm, Herbacin wuta kamille extra mild shower gel, Herbacin med moisturizing cream and Herbacin med soft peeling.

Argan oil in medicine

  • The Berbers in Morocco have traditionally used the oil for medicinal purposes, particularly for the treatment of sunburns, stomach, intestinal, heart and circulatory problems, but also for disinfecting wounds.
  • Traditional medicine recognizes the application for acne, chicken pox, neurodermitis, rheumatism, joint pain and haemorrhoids.

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