Herbacin men care presents shaving cream in a new form


Shaving - without water, foam or a brush

Wutha-Farnroda, 22 April - On average, a man spends 150 days of his life fighting beard stubble and removing approx. 3.5 kilos of beard hair. In almost two years, he shaves an area as big as a football goal (approx. 18 m² or 194 sqf). Shaving is frequently felt as a mandatory job, often causing wounds because it needs to begotten over with quickly without a lot of preparatory work and follow-up care. How good it would be if there were one shaving cream, offering a care-free shave and providing an after-shave care. One of the classic products comes from Herbacin cosmetic GmbH and is now being presented in a new, modern form: The men care shaving cream. “It makes an uncomplicated shave possible - without water, form or brush”, says Managing Director Nadja Thien-Schönhofen. The application is quite simple: Apply to the face, shave and then massage the remaining cream into the skin. The result can then be seen - the skin is smooth and supple. “With natural Shea butter, aloe vera, marigold and a rich complex of active ingredients, the shaving cream provides a man’s facial skin with moisture”, declares Herbacin skin expert Volker Mähler. The mild cream calms and relaxes the skin that has been irritated through shaving. “Furthermore, Panthenol (ProVitamin B5), Vitamin E and Bisabolol promote faster healing of superficial skin injuries”, adds Mähler.

Globally successful product from the Herbacin Company

Herbacin developed the shaving cream for the German market without any mineral oils or waxes. Among women, the Herbacin shaving cream is the secret tip for leg-shaving because it is even possible to do this when one is on the run owing to its simple application.

The men care shaving cream from Herbacin is available in a 75-ml (2.5 oz) tube.

Shaving tips

  • Whoever has sensitive skin should shave with the grain. In any case, shaving against the grain is more thorough, but is recommended only for skin which isn’t sensitive.
  • First shave the cheeks, chin and then finish with the upper lip because, in the last two cases, it will take longer for the shaving cream to have an effect in protecting particularly the sensitive areas. The hair on particularly the chin and upper lip are particularly strong.
  • Shaving cream and shaving soap are classic forms for soaping oneself. One (A man) also needs a shaving brush: Put a small amount of shaving cream in one’s hand and then stir it with the shaving brush until a creamy foam forms. Apply it to the area to be shaved with the brush and allow it to take effect for two to three minutes.

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