Hands looking great in spite of gardening work


The best tips against dirt residue on the skin and under the fingernails

Wutha-Farnroda, 08 April 2009. Spring is here and entices many plant lovers outdoors. But gardening work isn’t just fun: An hour of pulling weeds and planting flowers burns around 250 calories. However, all that digging in the earth often leaves behind long-term marks on one’s hands. Whoever works in a garden knows what cracked skin, scratched hands and “mole’s finger nails” are. Ag¬gres¬sive cleaning agents and powerful scrubbing also put additional stress on the skin and nails.

Protection for hours

“That doesn’t have to be the case, one can protect one’s hands”, says Volker Mähler, skin expert at Herbacin cosmetic GmbH. Above all, the Herbacin wuta kamille hand cream with glycerine from the German company has proven itself with gardeners and tradesmen alike. “It’s best to put a thin layer of cream on the hands before beginning work”, advises Mähler, because the hand care film acts like a transparent glove and protects up to five hours against water, dirt and colorants. The result: When one gardens, dirt residue is no longer left in the skin pores and the hands can be cleaned more easily later. It isn’t just pure happenstance that the nature-based protective cream recently was selected as one of the most popular hand creams in Canada, the land of wilderness and cold winters.

No more fingernail scrubbing

Gardening enthusiasts who don’t like to use gloves can be spared the bothersome fingernail scrubbing if they scrape off some Herbacin wuta kamille skin care soap before beginning work and thus fill in the areas under the fingernails. After the gardening work, the soap must merely be rinsed out from under the nails. “With the valuable active ingredients of chamomile, aloe vera, allantoin and safflower oil, the Herbacin wuta kamille skin care creams, soft creams as well as hand and nail balm provide particularly intensive and effective skin care”, declares Volker Mähler, who has managed the product development at the traditional German company for years. Mähler states: Many people - above all, men - neglect their hand care because they are afraid of getting an irritating greasy film on their hands which, for example, could impede their work. “The products of our series penetrate quickly and have a very modest fragrance”, says the skin expert.

Overnight care

“For hands that have to endure a lot of abuse, a relaxing night-time treatment will help”, says Mähler. This night-time treatment can consist merely of the Herbacin wuta kamille glycerine cream as well as the cotton gloves from the drug store for wear overnight. Allowed to work at night, the active ingredients can penetrate well and the skin has enough time in order to regenerate itself.

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