Beautiful and soft lips with bees wax


Herbacin presents Herbacin wuta kamille preservative-free lip balm

Wutha-Farnroda, 17 March 2009 - Dry lips are not only unpleasant, but often crack and hurt. Many women and men are familiar with this problem - and not just in winter. The cracks are caused mainly due to dryness. It is not only a matter of drinking enough, but of having above all the right care regimen. Biological lip care products are becoming more and more popular. Herbacin now has the Herbacin wuta kamille lip balm which works with no preservatives whatsoever and chemical anti-oxidants. “Our lip care product contains natural bee wax, combined with plant oils and chamomile extra from controlled biological cultivation”, says Managing Director Nadja Thien-Schönhofen. Due to the bees wax, the lip balm receives its natural yellow color and the pleasant honey aroma. “In combination with natural jojoba oil, bees wax prevents dry lips. Furthermore, it makes raw lips soft and tender again”, adds Herbacin skin expert Volker Mähler. In addition, the active ingredients of chamomile and plant oils contained in the Herbacin wuta kamille lip balm provide relief to even sensitive lips.

Long-term lip care

The special highlight of the Herbacin lip balm: In order to properly take care of one’s lips, two to three applications per day are sufficient. Conventional appliers must often be used more often in order to have the desired effect. This has already been confirmed by Herbacin’s customers.

The Herbacin wuta kamille lip balm is also available in a Herbacin Gift Set: Together with the Herbacin wuta kamille hand cream, Herbacin wuta kamille hand cream soft and a beautifully designed nail file.


  • For cracked lips Dab bee honey upon the skin of the lip. After applying it, the lips should be pleasantly soft and tender again.
  • Raw lips Massage them with a wet toothbrush. The circulation has a peeling effect which will remove the raw and dry skin while protecting the lips. Then apply the wuta kamille lip balm or pure bee honey.

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